I am a London based photographer who blends portraiture, still life and fine art photography to explore the aesthetics and authenticity of the subject’s personality and character.

The process of taking each picture is carefully staged in a studio environment with the subtle manipulation of colour through lighting to elevate the photo into a surreal state while still allowing for the individuality of the subject. This approach isolates the subjects from their regular environment and focuses the attention of the viewer on the rawness of the sitter’s expression and emotions.

  'My passion for photography stems from an early exposure to colourful fashion magazines and the idealised world they represented within their photographs.             My early work focuses on capturing merely the surface of my subject, aesthetics where the story is never told. After a while, I started to question myself regarding the purpose and process of making images and whether I wanted people to look at, or see my pictures. I like constructing my reality to show my perception of themes I consider interesting. For me personally, photography becomes a journey where I simultaneously discover and shape my subject according to my perception of reality. Therefore I am constructing my uniquely personal version of the subject rather than simply documenting it. It is very important to me where and when I take photographs.           The surroundings can often take an active part, creating mood or adding context. When taking portraits I am only interested in the person, therefore I often shoot in the studio, where the background does not distract from the subject.                                      The process of taking pictures is staged, that is why it is important to keep the right balance between my creativity and allowing the emotions of the individual to come across and remain real. Inspiration for my work comes unexpectedly and can involve anything, from interesting conversation, to life event or simply other people’s work.'

©2017 agnieszka trzoch